The Digger Clan's youngest adult


Name: Digger Huan
Age: 1 ton (~15)
Occupation: Digger
Points Total: 263

Body 5, Mind 5, Soul 5


-Earthbending 55 points
—Tunneling 3/12 //Allows Huan to tunnel at 1m/round.
—Fast Tunneling 1/2 (Deplete -2) //By spending 1 EP, she can boost the tunnel speed tenfold.
—Sixth Sense (Earthsense) 1/3 (Area +1) //Huan can sense anything that is at least partially immersed in earth, but not things that simply stand upon it. She also feels the geological make-up of the ground nearby, in a 30m radius.
—Environmental Influence 1/2 //Minor feats of bending, like leaving marks or dents in a stone.
—Telekinesis[Earth] 4/16//Huan can shift up to a ton of stone at once, though only throw small rocks with any real speed.
—Tunnel Trap (Weapon 0, Tangle 2, Quake 3, Range 2, Trap 3, Area 2) 10 points // Creates an area (3 meter radius) of unstable ground. Anyone who walks on it must make a Mind Stat roll, difficulty 15, or fall into a pit. Anyone who does is grappled and rendered prone. Prone-ness can be avoided with an Acrobatics roll, difficulty 15, but grappling is automatic.
—Tunnel Attack (Weapon 0, Tangle 2, Quake 3, Range 2) 3 points //Creates a pit under someones’ feet, rendering them grappled and prone as above. These pits are smaller, just enough to fit one person.

-Other Attributes 42 points
—Wealth 2/8 (Consumable -2) //Huan’s wealth is saved in jewels, which easily run out. She can replenish these jewels with a few hours of mining. When fully “charged”, her supply of wealth is equivalent of 1 million dollars.
—Organisational Ties 1/2 //Ties to the Digger Clan.
—Defence Combat Mastery 1/10
—Ranged Defence: Personal 1/3
—Combat Techniques (Precise Aim, Hardboiled x2, Multiple Targets) 4/8
—Features (Low-Light Vision, Depth Awareness, Direction Sense, Stonecunning, Androgynous) 5
—Tough 2/4
—Special Movement: Slithering 1/2 //Huan can move on all fours very quickly, and squeezes through small spaces without problem.

-Skills 23 points
—Architecture (Fortifications) 3/6
—Artisan (Gem Cutting) 1/2
—Climbing (Rocks) 2/2
—Wilderness Survival (Underground) 1/2
—Stealth (Moving Silently) 3/6
—Visual Arts (Engraving) 1/1
—Physical Science (Geology) 2/2
—Wilderness Tracking (Bare Earth) 1/2

-7 points
Poor Daylight Vision -3 // In strong sunlight, Huan’s vision is impaired.
Ignorant of the Aboveworld -2 // Huan takes a -4 penalty to some rolls.
Less Capable (Strength) -2 // Huan’s effective strength is 2 less than her Body.

Derived Traits
60 HP
10 EP
Shock Value: 30

Unarmed – Accuracy 5, Damage 5, Range N/A
Telekinesis – Accuracy 5, Damage 10, Range 10m
Tunnel Attack – Accuracy 5, Damage 0/5, Range 100m

Defence Values: Melee 6, Ranged 7


Short Desc

Digger Huan is the youngest Digger in the prolific underground clan of Earthbenders known as the Digger Clan, a tight-knit family of miners and prospectors who travel the Earth Kingdom in search of valuable jewels. She is currently on a rumspringa, sent out from the Clan to learn about the Aboveworld and test her skills.

Having just learned to Earthbend one ton, Huan has passed the trial of adulthood and is considered grown-up by her peers, despite being rather young, only around fifteen. It’s difficult to judge her exact age, as the Diggers do not keep track. After she returns from her trip, she can either choose to stay with the Clan, or marry into the Aboveworld.


Tae Chun is Huan’s guide and first Aboveworlder friend. She treats him the same way she treats her Clan Brothers, which is to say, she trusts him and isn’t shy around him.

Umi is becoming more and more like a big sister to Huan, someone she admires and looks up to as a paragon of wisdom and social grace. Huan can be kind of delusional about people she likes.


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